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2019 Arms of Care Fundraising Gala: The Origin

Arms of Care President, Dr. O. Michael Obiekwe delivered a passionate presentation that included the origins of the idea for Arms of Care. Dr. Obiekwe described being in medical school and seeing the need first hand as he visited a friend’s sick niece. At that time, the Lord spoke to his spirit saying: I have brought you into this land to use its resources to provide medical care to the poor and needy showing them my love. Eight years later, in 2004, Arms of Care was registered. Since then members of Arms of Care have participated in 15+ international medical missions across 3 continents and 9 countries. In addition, local medical services have been delivered across Georgia including Atlanta, Griffin, Clarkston, Macon, and Union City. Over 14,400 people have been treated and over 1,500 people have given their lives to the Lord. Sustainability is a critical objective of Arms of Care. To that end, Dr. Obiekwe described training that was provided to medical professionals, laptops that were given to school children in Zimbabwe, and the goal a setting up Telemedicine practices to ensure continuity of care and increased access. All in all, Arms of Care over its first 15 years has had tremendous impact not only on the lives of those helped via services offered, but also on the lives of every single member of Arms of Care that have embarked on this journey.

Dr. Michael Obiekwe and Elizabeth Obiekwe

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