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Who We Are

In 2004 Dr. Michael Obiekwe had the vision of decreasing the prevalence of disease by combining the creation of sustainable medical clinics in rural areas with health education immunization, and re-programming thoughts and practices related to healthcare.  Out of this vision came Arms of Care.


Arms of Care is a nonprofit medical services organization with the goals of Delivering Primary Healthcare and Wellness Services, Community and Economic Empowerment, and Educational Empowerment to those in need around the world.

Arms of Care delivers its goal of primary healthcare via medical mission trips, community outreach, and telemedicine services.   It supports community empowerment through training and development efforts strategically targeting faith, gov’t and community leaders and  locally-based entrepreneurial training, business development, and job creation.   Finally, it supports educational empowerment by facilitating strategic partnerships between US-based schools and those in developing nations for faculty and students cross-pollination and delivering technology training and computer literacy programs.​

We believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare, no matter where they live

Our Mission

To improve the lives of the poor through medical care, education, and empowerment

Our Mission

Our Vision

To reduce the prevalence of preventable diseases around the world

We Need Your Support Today!

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