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So What Are You Gonna Do?

This was the question that Barbara Dorsey posed in her address to the 150+ people at the Gala. Barbara compared the actions of Jonah and Paul to the calls of God. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh. Jonah did not listen and instead tried to go to Tarshish and encountered a storm on the way. God told him to go a second time, he listened, but when the Lord decided to spare the people after they repented, Jonah was not happy. In contrast, God told Paul to go to various cities to speak the gospel and he went. Paul also had a storm, but the people were not killed in the storm because Paul was obedient to the call of God. Next Paul was in jail and was praising God and his chains came off and the doors opened. The jailer and his family were saved because of Paul’s obedience. Barbara challenged the audience as to whether they would be a Paul and be obedient to the Lord or a Jonah and be disobedient. If God tells you to go on a Mission Trip to a far off land, will you be like Paul and listen or will you be like Jonah and go to Florida? If God tells you to become an active Member in Arms of Care or help out on a local Mission project in Metro Atlanta, will you be obedient?

So What are You Gonna Do?

Barbara Dorsey

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